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The Marigold Law Center Origin Story

The marigold flower holds a profound cultural significance in the Latin American community that goes beyond the misconception of being solely linked to a loved one’s passing. These vibrant flowers are woven into the fabric of Latin American heritage and family traditions. The marigold flower is a powerful symbol of life, remembrance, and the beauty of Latin America’s diverse traditions.

Known as “cempasúchil” in Nahuatl, the Aztec language, the marigold’s golden hues and distinct fragrance guide spirits back to the world of the living. Marigolds, with their vibrant colors and aromatic presence, embody this celebration of life’s cyclical nature. They remind us that life is transient, much like the marigold’s petals, yet memories, family, and connections persist beyond the physical world.

At Marigold Law Center we are committed to family unity and preservation. Our team acts as qualified guides to the complex world of immigration and family law. Each client receives a culturally and trauma-informed approach to our services.  Your journey to America was hard, emotional, and left lasting impacts on your life, but our team is here for you – using your voice and our help – we will ensure you get the legal representation you deserve.