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Qualified Representatives You Can Trust

The Marigold Law Center is comprised of compassionate and experienced attorneys, paralegals and family case managers who will work tirelessly to ensure our clients receive effective legal representation at a reasonable cost with the goal of obtaining lawful status and/or family unification. The Marigold Law Center doesn’t stop there, however, we will also ensure its clients gain access to a wide-range of social services as they await a resolution to their immigration or family court case. Make Marigold Law Center your one stop source for all your immigration and family law needs.

Marigold Law Center Professionals


Over three decades of immigration and family law experience


Legal and cultural understanding of clients from over one hundred countries across the globe.


Thousands of hours effectively advocating for our clients in immigration and family court.

Our Experience


The attorneys at the Marigold Law Center have decades of experience navigating the complex U.S. immigration, family, and adoption legal systems.

Our team of immigration attorneys has well-rounded backgrounds working on both sides of the immigration system from the private sector to extensive experience in the Federal government at both the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security. Our attorneys have extensive experience handling different critical immigration cases, including asylum, visa denials, criminal convictions, and grounds for inadmissibility. Furthermore, given our experience working in and out of government, we understand the intricate bureaucracy that needs to be navigated, and we will be sure your case does not experience any unnecessary delays.

Andy R. Strait, Esq.

Andy R. Strait, Esq

Our attorneys also have extensive experience providing full-service representation to families facing family law issues and to those wishing to form a forever family through adoption. With years of experience representing families in Hyattsville, Maryland, and Los Angeles, California, Marigold attorneys offer you peace of mind with our history of successful outcomes for our clients. It is easy to understand why so many families and their loved ones rely on us to help them navigate complex issues related to divorce, custody, guardianships, and adoption.

Paralegals and Family Case Managers

Each client at the Marigold Law Center will be assigned a bilingual and highly trained paralegal and family case manager that will serve as their personal guide through their unique legal journey. At the direction of an attorney, your assigned paralegal and family case manager will be by your side at each step of the way: client intake, document collection, application preparation, and application filing. With an emphasis on customer service, professionalism, and expertise, each client of the Marigold Law Center can rest assure that their case is being managed with the utmost care.


Representation by attorneys who have worked in federal immigration, family and child welfare law for decades.


Family case managers are assigned to every case to help you navigate your legal journey and answer your questions.


Pricing with flexible payment plans and free initial consultations to help ease the expenses of your legal services.


Legal professionals with offices in Hyattsville, Maryland, and Los Angeles, California, serving people nationwide.